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Our goal is to prevent unnecessary repairs, get it done quickly, and communicate well.

No surprises.

Gas, Diesel, Hybrids

We have technicians who are experienced and certified to work on diesel, gas, and hybrid. Have other green transportation options?  We cover everything from Isuzu NPR Trucks to Sprinter Vans to electric fleet vehicles.



Regular maintenance is predictable and can be scheduled.   It also allows for the fastest turnaround time with simple services like filters and fluids that will extend the life of your vehicle. That beats surprise  breakdowns  and delays any day.



Inspections keep your vehicle safe and reliable with lower liability risk. Issues can be resolved or scheduled before they are a problem, allowing for less downtime. With these inspections we can nearly eliminate unscheduled breakdowns and provide the best information for making informed decisions for your fleet.



We do repair and maintenance on the complete vehicle. This includes: special equipment  installs;  modifications including   radar, cages, lighting, flashlights, printers, chargers, computer mounts, gun mounts, lock boxes or any police related equipment.

DOT Inspections

Keep your fleet compliant with the DOT and maintain a reputation as a company that ensures their vehicles are safe out on the road. 

Electrical Systems

Electrical and computerized system diagnostics and repairs.

Most modern vehicle systems are electrical or computer controlled. Whether it is factory or an add on option, we can troubleshoot and diagnose with our specialized equipment and training.

Air Conditioning

Part of job satisfaction is staying comfortable in your work environment.

Keep your employees productive and happy with a well functioning ac and heating system. We're certified to work on all makes and models of vehicle air conditioning systems.

Trailer Repair &


Keep your trailer in good condition, ready for use at a moments notice. Unmaintained trailers are not only a liability but  will hold up workflow when they are needed  most. Make sure your crew can connect and use equipment with confidence every time .

Lift Gate & Door Repair

Whether its a lift gate or a wheel chair lift, we'll help you keep it safe and functional. Don’t leave your crews frustrated with broken or poorly functioning doors. Let us fix and maintain them for smooth and safe operation.


Wapiti NW is now selling tires!

More of a one stop fleet shop to conveniently keep your fleet safe and on the road! 
Price your next set of tires with Wapiti NW!

Fabrication / Welding

Contact us for your vehicle, trailer or equipment related welding and fabrication needs.


Wapiti NW is certified in mobile hydraulics, such as: Bucket trucks, dump bodies, trailer beds, specialized equipment and PTO systems. 

Vehicle Pick-Up and Delivery

Call and ask about  our convenient pick up and delivery option. 

The Promise

Focus on Results

When we make a repair or maintenance recommendation at Wapiti NW, the first priority is knowing how it is beneficial to the vehicle and the customer’s fleet as a whole.

Fast Turn Around

We aim to get your vehicle(s) back on the road as quickly as possible, and we'll never leave you in the dark on the status of a repair.

Customer Specific

Every customer is different. Understanding each company or organizations needs is as important as understanding the vehicles we're working on.

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