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Diesel Truck Repair

Specialized Diagnostics and Repairs


Using the most up to date diesel diagnostic equipment and factory diagnostic software, our certified technicians are ready to help maintain or repair your diesel fuel fleet vehicles. While these engines are operating more cleanly and efficiently than ever, the technology is complex.   We cover everything from Isuzu NPR Trucks to Sprinter vans.


Isuzu NPR

Ford Powerstroke

Chevy Duramax

Diesel Sprinter Vans

RAM Cummins

Fuel Line Repair

Fuel Filter Repair

DEF Light Diagnostics

Diesel Generator Repair

Diesel maintenance

Fuel Injectors

DPF Diesel Particulate Filter


Sometimes are combustion engine fleets are getting to be so reliable that that we forget about regular maintenance and opt for future repairs by default. Take advantage of the classic dependability with preventative maintenance items and avoid costly surprise repairs altogether. 


Isuzu NPR Gasoline

Domestic Vehicles

Foreign Vehicles

Gasoline Sprinter Vans

Fuel Filtration

System flush

Engine Diagnostics

Fuel Line Replacement

Engine Replacement

Fuel Line Repair

Fuel Filter Repair

Additive Systems

Hybrid    Electric

As technology progresses towards plug-in hybrid and full EV technology, Wapiti is committed to using the latest diagnostic tools to make sure your fleet is ready for the future and stays well maintained far into the future. Keep your green fleet moving forward with quality maintenance.


Toyota Prius

Chevy Bolt

Chevy Volt

Hybrid Repair

Full EV Repair

Battery Diagnostics

Electrical Testing

Computer Updates

Fleet Servicing

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